Alpinestars Tech-Air


Alpinestars Tech-Air airbag system uses sensors to detect a crash. Once a crash has been detected, Argon inflator cartridges are deployed to inflate the airbag. The airbag gets fully inflated in 25 - 45 milliseconds - way before you hit your own bike or the ground. 

Few things to know:

  • Tech-Air is completely independent of your motorcycle. No sensors or tethers required. It's armed once you zip your jacket.
  • Tech-Air is sold separately from Tech Air compatible jackets and suits, and there are several options to choose from.
  • Tech-Air needs to be charged, but a single charge lasts up to 25 hours of continuous use.
  • In the unfortunate case where you get to experience it, the Tech Air can be refurbished for $300.

Leather jackets and suits require Tech-Air Race Vest. Textile jackets work with Tech Air Street Vest. Race system can be deployed twice. You can run Street algorithm in a Race Vest (comes really handy if you get rear ended).

The bottom line is that Alpinestars Tech Air Airbag dramatically increases your chances of coming home in one piece. If you can't afford it please ask your mom or a spouse to buy it for you. 

    VROOM VROOM ....

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