SHOEI RF-1200 Helmet - EQUATE

  • Around every corner is a brand new adventure, and with that comes the uncontrollable desire to push the limits while exploring the exciting unknown. SHOEI knows that feeling quite well, which is precisely why they never stop pushing progression within their line of premium motorcycle helmets. Enter the all-new RF-1200. With a world-class team of designers and engineers leading the charge, SHOEI utilized its 55-year wealth of knowledge, state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility, proprietary materials, and the industry’s most stringent quality assurance practices to develop the next-generation RF. A lighter, more compact, streamlined helmet with next-level functionality, SHOEI’s RF-1200 has evolved the pursuit of perfection to an all-new level.


    • Compact – Lightweight - Aerodynamic Design
    • Ventilation Performance
    • CWR-1 Shield
    • Q-RE Base Plate System
    • Pinlock® Anti-Fog System
    • Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ Shell
    • 4 Shell Sizes
    • E.Q.R.S.
    • 3D Max-Dry System II Interior
    • Dual-Layer / Multi-Density EPS Liner
    • Chin Curtain
    • Breath Guard
    • Ear Pads
    • 5-Year Warranty 


    The state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility at SHOEI’s Ibaraki factory is an integral part of the helmet design process. Thanks to time well spent in the tunnel from its very beginning stages of development, the RF-1200 boasts a more compact and aerodynamic shell than its predecessor, earning praise and appeal as SHOEI’s lightest Snell-certified full-face model to date. Additionally, the RF-1200 offers a reduction in wind noise without blocking the road’s “informative sounds” thanks to its optimal shell aerodynamics and liner components that have been designed to prevent unwanted road noises from entering through the bottom of the helmet. 


    Utilizing SHOEI’s wind tunnels to help reveal the optimal balance between airflow and silence, SHOEI engineers equipped the all-new RF-1200 with a large, three-position lower vent shutter for ease of use with riding gloves, three upper air vents for optimal air intake, and four uniquely-positioned upper exhaust outlet vents to take better advantage of negative pressure suction—all yielding dramatically-improved cool–air intake and hot–air expulsion.

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