• Dainese Razon leather jacket meets the “3-S” criteria – it’s simple, stylish and safe. This jacket has a neutral style and may be used on any bike but it’s ideal for riders on cruisers or naked bikes. Razon has a removable thermal liner and this liner is one of the jacket’s best features. The liner is extremely comfortable and fits snugly around the wrist preventing cold air from entering the jacket when you ride. It’s perfect for cold weather rides. With the thermal liner removed, the jacket gets significant airflow through the perforation to comfortably ride in hot, summer temperatures. The added stretch panels allow exceptional comfort and unrestricted mobility on the bike.

  • Additional Specs:

    • Pocket for G1 and G2 back protector
    • Fastening zipper for Dainese pants
    • Waist adjustment
    • Two outside pockets, one internal pocket and pocket on thermal liner

  • Fit Tips: Unlike other Dainese jackets that are very snug, the Razon has a generous fit and runs pretty true to size.

    Razon Perforated Jacket measurements are as follows:

    Size Shoulders Chest Sleeves  Waist
    46 17.5" 20.0" 25.0" 19.0"
    48 18.0" 20.5" 25.0" 19.5"
    50 18.5" 21.0" 25.5" 20.0"
    52 20.0" 22.0" 26.0" 21.0"
    54 20.5" 23.0" 27.0" 22.0"
    56 21.0" 23.5" 27.0" 22.5"
    58 21.5" 24.0" 27.5" 23.0"

    *Please note that these measurements are approximate 

    Need more sizing information? Check out our in-depth .

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